Short Fiction

“Midnight,” Hidden Realms Anthology

Horror short story about small towns, autonomy, and comfort.  

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“Verity,” hyphen punk #6

Sapphic robot golem story about autonomy and the nature of love.  

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“I’ll Hold Them off for as Long as I Can,” Tree and Stone Magazine Issue #4

Flash fiction about selfishness, sword fighting, and deconstructing genre cliches. 

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“The End of Rain,” SFS Stories Issue #9

Fabulist flash fiction about the way relationships change.

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“The Test,” Horror Library Anthology Vol. 7

Horror about the commodification of suffering, and also pineapples. A Brave New Weird award nominee!

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“Pink Marble,” Flash Point SF

Sapphic fantasy flash fiction with a fun mystery and a kitchen sink setting.

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