2022 Wrapup

Hey everyone! It’s been a hell of a year. Actually, it’s been my most stable year in a while–I had the same (good) job and the same (good) apartment the whole time. That’s probably why I’ve been able to be so productive! I’ve been incredibly fortunate, and I dearly hope for more of the same, for myself and for all of you. So, let’s break down what the hell happened in 2022!

  • I published FOUR short stories!
  • I sent out 88 short story submissions, of which 6 were accepted and 64 were rejected (the rest are pending). That’s down from last year (94 submissions, 2 acceptances, 86 rejections) but then, I blew through all the quick-replying markets last year. So I feel pretty good about that.
  • I wrote the whole second draft of the first Holmesian Society book and sent it to my beautiful first readers!
  • I drafted about half of the second Holmesian Society book–and won NaNoWriMo doing it!
  • I wrote 4 new short stories, 3 of which I’ve started submitting (that third one… needs work. And a title).
  • I commissioned my friend to make this website for me 🙂 and started sending out a semi-regular newsletter (thank you for subscribing <3)
  • I read a record-breaking 150 books. I wrote up a bunch of my reading stats and a whole top 30 list (and my top 10 short stories!) in a separate blog post, but here are some little graphics about my year in books:

A gradient of everything I read this year


My top 10!

Next year’s going to be pretty killer, too. I’ve got two short stories already scheduled to be published, my fingers are crossed that I’ll sell more, and I’m really, really hoping I can start querying my novel to agents by next December. Is that possible? Well, stay tuned and you’ll find out! Thanks again for sticking with me this year. Happy New Year! Zoe