2023 Wrapup

Hello, it is more than a week into January and I’m finally wrapping up my 2023! Life comes at you fast. Here’s what happened this year:

  • I published two short stories
  • One of my stories from last year, “The Test”, got nominated for the Brave New Weird award
  • I sent out 73 short story submissions, of which 3 were accepted. That includes my first reprint (“The Test” again, coming to you in 2023 from Dragon Gems)!
  • I wrote the full first draft of THS book 2, and made progress on draft 3 of book 1
  • I heroically lost my tenth annual NaNoWriMo
  • I ran Reads of Awe for the second year in a row, and learned so much doing it: how to run Instagram Lives, how to use Canva, how to write image captions, etc. Plus I read 20 books for it
  • With my new technical skills, I designed and printed writing business cards
  • I read a staggering 175 books! See them all here, and check out my reading stats in this blog post
  • Relatedly, I got deeply obsessed with the website ListChallenges and made 80 book lists. Some of them are real bangers! Check them out here

Next year is going to be pretty amazing. I’ve got at least three stories coming out, and I’m applying for an MFA right now, so don’t hold your breath, but I might be doing some pretty intense writing this fall. Also, my bestie got me a Freewrite Traveller, which I’m hoping will revolutionize my writing process!

Thanks for sticking around! As your reward, check out some pretty graphics 🙂

Everything I read:

My top 10 books