PREORDER: Of Gods and Globes III

I’m so excited to announce that the Of Gods and Globes III anthology is available for preorder! My story “Mars and Venus” is in this one, and it’s a banger: gender, language, space pirates, what else could you ask for?

You definitely want the whole anthology. The theme is super interesting: all the stories have a prominent element that is both the name of a celestial body and a mythological figure (so, Mars the planet and Mars the Roman god, stuff like that). The stories themselves are eclectic. Some are sci fi, some are mythology related, some are harder to categorize than that. They’re all good. You don’t have to have read the previous volumes to understand this one. The stories stand alone.

You can buy it through the retailer of your choice:


Barnes and Noble


And when you’ve read it, leave a goodreads review!

I can’t wait for y’all to read this one 🙂